World’s Fastest Piston-Driven Vehicle

9 Time Hot Rod Trophy Winner.

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Speed Demon History

George Poteet and the Speed Demon team have been smashing records at Bonneville since 2010. The Speed Demon car competes in a variety of classes each year with an assortment of engines to set records across many classes. The Speed Demon is prepared in Ventura California by the Speed Demon crew led by Steve Watts and Maxwell Industries.

The engine builder for all of the Speed Demon records is Kenny Duttweiler, and each year he finds more power to push the envelope.

About Speed Demon

About George Poteet

George Poteet is a land-speed racer and car collector based in the Memphis area. His street cars have won the prestigious Ridler and America’s Most Beautiful Roadster awards, and his race car has set more than a dozen records with him behind the wheel. He’s been over 400 mph more than 50 times. Along the way, the Speed Demon has won the Hot Rod Trophy (signifying the fastest car of the SCTA Speed Week meet) an unprecedented 9 times and set numerous world records. George and his team, also currently hold the title of World’s Fastest Piston Engine Car.

Meet George