About Speed Demon

9 time Hot Rod Trophy winner

The Speed Demon's extraordinary record of land speed racing achievement is the stuff of racing legend. In addition to winning the coveted Hot Rod Magazine Top speed Trophy nine times, it has set more SCTA class records and FIA International speed records than any vehicle in history. And it has made more runs over four hundred miles per hour than all other competitors combined. It has become the most iconic car in land speed racing history and George Poteet has assumed his rightful place with the previous revered titans of land speed racing.

It flies in the face of conventional land speed racing wisdom in that it is a single engine aerodynamic bullet using only two-wheel drive. It bristles from front to back with high tech sensors and electronic technology that allows the engine builder and tuner to monitor and dial-in the car's performance to near perfection on almost every run. It takes full advantage of state-of-the art technologies such as low friction coated bearings in the drivetrain and a sleek aerodynamic profile carefully groomed by one of the top aerodynamicists in the industry. It does away with drag producing air scoops, replacing them with carefully positioned air inlets in the side of the car.

Unique safety monitors include a yaw sensor that shuts down the engine and deploys the parachute if it detects a yaw angle of 5 degrees or more. The driver is protected by a standard fire suppression system while the engine is deluged with cooling water in the event of an engine fire.

Each year, the Speed Demon team investigates the best available technologies to make the car safer and faster than ever. Each run is the land speed racing equivalent of a moon shot. It is the only piston-powered car to approach the magical 500 mph barrier. If, indeed it can be done, the Speed Demon is the leading contender by a wide margin.

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